06/17/2013 08:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Featured Fifty Fine Arts: Diving Pelicans

John Ehrenfeld is an avid wildlife photographer and outdoorsman. When not hiking through a wilderness area with his camera, he runs a talent management company that represents directors and is developing a reality television show on conservation efforts in South Africa. John also does regular volunteer work for the United States Forest Service and is working on his first book on Southern California's Wetlands. He lives on the beach near Los Angeles with his dog Toby and cats Juno and Maya.

When I turned 50 I was encumbered with a number of health issues. I made the decision not to become sedentary and feel sorry for myself. Instead I committed to exploring creativity and healing. So I took up nature photography and became an avid hiker. I now spend as many hours as possible in the great outdoors, looking for magical wildlife moments and listening to the heartbeat of the planet... as my own gets stronger everyday.

This photo of two diving brown pelicans was taken in a Southern California marsh a split second before they hit the water while feeding. I found their aerial prowess and determination inspiring.


Diving Pelicans

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