10/20/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

NBA Star Dirk Nowitzki Is Scum ... Not

The blogosphere pounced on NBA star Dallas Maverick’s Dirk Nowitzki after he chose not to support his ex-fiancé after her sordid past was revealed.  He was vilified as some ‘jerk jock’; a guy whom bailed on his pregnant ‘wifey’ in her most desperate hour, when she needed him the most.  He let her and his unborn child rot in jail.  She was fine when he was sleeping with her but now that she has a few problems she isn’t good enough.

 A few problems?!

Some even implied some sort of racist conspiracy theory since the woman in question is a person of color.

Nowitzki took all of the barbs and attacks quietly and through his representatives stated that he wanted custody of the child since the mother is likely to spend the next several years in prison.  But the venom did not cease.

Now a more complete picture of the woman’s past is coming to light.  Felonies, misdemeanors, probation violations, 20 aliases (even the name he knew her as was false), children that she never disclosed ... starting to get the picture? 

Everyone has a past, but Damn!  That’s quite a bit to expect a man to swallow and keep down.

In my opinion, this more accurately depicts the reality of professional athletes, both male and female.  They are constantly targeted by unscrupulous individuals for unsavory reasons, most of them financial.  They are verbally harassed, dogged by the paparazzi and nit wits with video cell phones then forced to endure all manners of less than accurate innuendo reported by the media.

Just because they make a fortune for playing a game, it gives someone, everyone the right to malign them at will?  And they should just shrug it off and say thank you?

Professional athletes have moms, dads, children and feelings just like everyone else.  They get hurt and offended by the seemingly never ending torrent of hate directed their way.

And you’re surprised when on occasion they don’t want to sign an autograph, while their eating?  An autograph that commonly gets sold on eBay, anyway.

Oh yeah, one more tidbit of information.  Dirk’s ex-fiancé lied again.  The bunny didn’t die. She’s not really pregnant ... not even a little bit. 

Where are all of the people publicly apologizing to him now?