08/04/2010 01:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"30 Rock's" Powell Discusses Toofer's Future and Tweeting for Alyssa Milano's Affection

Each week, Keith Powell subtly chews scenes as anal retentive Harvard grad writer Toofer on the comedy juggernaut 30 Rock. While he's received kudos for that work, and rightfully so, his legacy may actually be referring to Simba of "The Lion King" as a douche in a recent web video. That takes guts. But, there's more to Powell than co-starring on a celebrated Emmy Award winning comedy and throwing an animated cub under the bus. Powell is a well-established theater wiz who founded the Contemporary Stage Co. in Wilmington, DE a few years back, and acted, produced and directed there.

The stage was the farthest thing from Powell's mind, however, when he sat down for an interview with me in New York City on Aug. 3. Instead, he was focused on returning to 30 Rock after a long summer hiatus, discussing the future of Toofer, and especially a Twitter campaign he's currently involved in.

In a bizarre love triangle taking place for a good cause on the social media platform, Powell is vying for Alyssa Milano's heart with "Old Spice" hunk Isaiah Mustafa. He'll explain it in the videos below, but bottomline is the actress challenged "real men" to give money to the National Wildlife Federation in their effort to help wildlife in the Gulf Coast hurt by the BP oil opill. Mustafa caught Milano's eye, and Powell's reaction to that puts us where we need to be. (All info can be found at the following places: and

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