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A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Have a "Brightest Darkest Day" with PYYRAMIDS and OK Go's Tim Nordwind


On paper, the teaming of Tim Nordwind and Drea Smith would provide you with a "WTF?" moment. He's the bassist for indie rockers OK Go, while she's the electro-pop goddess singer/songwriter for He Say/She Say. But, like all weird pairings like peanut butter and Fluff and Bing Crosby and David Bowie (I doubt anyone tried all four of those things together but I digress), the duo PYYRAMIDS go together like peas and carrots. (Hat tip to the young Jenny from Forrest Gump.) Yes, since their 2011 debut EP Human Beings, the OK Go bassist Nordwind and He Say/She Say singer/songwriter Smith have been making killer music that could best be described - by me anyway - as new, new wave indie electro-psych rock. Their debut album Brightest Darkest Day dropped a few months back, and it's among the year's best thus far. I caught up with Nordwind fittingly over email to discuss the side project that's not really a side project at all.

You guys essentially formed via that accurate?
Yes, Drea and I were introduced via email about two years ago by a mutual acquaintance who thought we'd get along musically. I lived in LA and Drea was living in Chicago at the time. After getting to know each other through email correspondence for three or four months, we decided to try writing some songs together. I sent Drea basic tracks and she'd send them back with full vocal arrangements that she'd do in Garage Band. I loved her voice. Eventually, after meeting each other in person eight months and three songs later, we decided to start a full on band.

Can you elaborate on the songwriting process...
Generally, I create a basic mood out of beats, elements of production, a basic chord structure that I make using Reason and Pro Tools and then send via email to Drea. From there Drea gives notes, yays or nays things, and sends back a vocal arrangement usually done in Gargage Band. Once the vocal arrangement is agreed upon, we then let that dictate the arrangement of the rest of the song. Production is then filled in, synths added, guitars, experimental sonic elements. We mix and then share.

Getting back to the uniqueness of your partnership - were you ever concerned that the sound you were going for - via email anyway - might not translate?
Drea and I bonded over our love of minimal post punk British bands of the late 70's and early 80's like The Cure, Joy Division, and Siouxsie and The Banshees. We liked each other so much from months of pen palling that we didn't have many worries or concerns about the music we were writing. We just wanted to make music we'd both like, in the spirit of the bands we love.

What has this experience meant to you in the grand scheme of life? People will want to know if this is a side project or so much more...
PYYRAMIDS has been an amazing addition to my life in the last few years. It's not something that either one of us were necessarily looking for. It grew very organically out of a mutual respect for each other and the music we love. And as the idea has grown it's gone from being a studio project to a full on living breathing band. Drea and I will continue to make more PYYRAMIDS records while we also continue on with our other respective projects that we love. We enjoy the experience of working together and the moods we create.

Lastly...what's the darkest brightest day you ever had?
Sometimes I find that the title of our record Brightest Darkest Day refers to something you may not know in the moment. It suggests that certain experiences in your life can feel like the worst thing ever, like a breakup, but often serve as a door opening for better things to come.

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