11/08/2011 01:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A-Sides With Jon Chattman: Finding 'Love' With Air Supply in NYC

"Making Love Out of Nothing At All." "Lost in Love." "All Out Of Love." Any of those titles could be used for the next Kim Kardashian reality series, but I kid... I kid! Just about everyone -- especially anyone who owned a radio in the late 1970s and essentially the entire 1980s -- know those are hit songs by the iconic Australian soft rock tag team known as Air Supply. While they may not have had a mega hit single in awhile, Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock are still a huge act whose music is constantly played on the radio and in various TV commercials. Even better, the pair have remained together for four decades and regularly and rigorously tour the globe and sell out venues of all shapes and sizes.

The duo have also recorded new music, which fits perfectly into their concert set lists and their loyal fans' hearts. Their new concept album Mumbo Jumbo finds the duo in fine pop ballad and soft rock mode but with an edge. (Don't fret, their songs are still the unofficial soundtrack to some baby making.) In a New York City hotel suite last week, Air Supply filmed an "A-Sides" session, chatting about their new stuff, their timeless old stuff, the cheesy 1980s videos they made, and how they've managed to stay together all these years. They also performed "Lost in Love," the track that put them on the map in 1979. Enjoy "Airheads"!

"Lost in Love" Performed Live in NYC:

Air Supply - New NYC Interview:

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