06/19/2012 03:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A-Sides With Jon Chattman: The Dirty Heads Are Too Cool for School and These United States Take a Bathroom Break

Summer 2012 officially has its soundtrack. SoCal alt-rockers The Dirty Heads will release their sophomore album Cabin By The Sea this Tuesday (June 19) and like the band's first effort Any Port in a Storm, you can expect chill, laid back rock-meets-reggae tracks to listen to while you roast in the sun with a Bud Light Lime in your hand. The band, who are arguably best known for their #1 track with Rome -- "Lay Me Down," already have a hit off the record in "Spread Too Thin." That song, which "Dirty J" and "Duddy B" and the boys will perform live on Jimmy Kimmel July 10, is already climbing the alt-rock charts and seems destined to finish in the top five of best summer songs this year.

Last month, The Dirty Heads visited me for an A-Sides session filmed at the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains, NY. There, they performed "Thin" as well as "Hipster," and took part in an amazeballs classroom discussion. Watch below, and catch the Huntington Beach boys this summer on tour with White Plains native and fellow too-cool-for-school performer Matisyahu. Watch. Listen. Love.

"Spread Too Thin"

* To watch a special performance of The Dirty Heads' "Hipster," click here. *

Classroom Interview:

These United States take it Live ... in the Can

Keeping with the school vibe, let's just say our next band on "A-Sides" got a hall pass and are chillin' in the bathroom rather than going to class. In an employee bathroom at Primary Wave Music in New York City, These United States performed their track "Miss Underground" and talked about it and their evolution as a band. The Brooklyn-based band just released their fifth album -- self-titled by the way -- and will open for Willie Nelson in Connecticut on Monday, June 18. Performing with the bandana bandit will likely be the best experience for the band, but they admit, the chances they'll remember the evening are slim. I'll let you read into that as you may, but let's just assume they plan to party with the country legend. Before you watch the special "A-Sides ... In the Can" performance, here's the lowdown on who this band actually are:

Formed in 2006, this folkin' rock band, who have roots in North Carolina, D.C., and later Brooklyn, made a name for themselves not just for their acclaimed albums but for their high-energy shows which seem to happen 366 days a year. They've had some members come and go but the band trucks on and currently consists of Justin Craig, Jesse Elliott, J. Tom Hnatow, Aaron Latos and Anna Morsett. Catch them on tour this summer, and go to the bathroom .... now.

"Miss Underground"

TUS Interview

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