06/28/2012 04:52 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A-Sides With Jon Chattman: Letting Civil Twilight's "River" Run; Duran Duran & Steve Aoki in NY

Civil Twilight get compared to other bands quite often -- notably Coldplay. It's probably because it has four members like that internationally-celebrated UK group, and because its front man is known to dabble in falsetto and 88 keys. The comparisons, however, should stop there but they probably won't. As a matter of fact, during an "A-Sides" session with them earlier this month I'm pretty sure I just assumed they were from England. They're not. The band -- Steven and Andrew McKellar and Richard Wouters hail from Cape Town South Africa, and what Charlize Theron is to beauty, these guys are to music. Apologies for that analogy. I'm essentially saying Theron is beautiful and they make beautiful music, and -- you know -- they're all from South Africa.

Anyway, the band, who added a fourth member recently (Kevin Dailey), are currently on the road in support of "Holy Weather," an album that features their signature epic sound and storytelling. The quartet stopped by the Music Conservatory of Westchester to film "A-Sides," performed two tracks, and addressed comparisons to other bands and the fact their music is heard on many, many television shows from House to Vampire Diaries.

Watch. Listen. Love. Catch them on tour with Mutemath this fall.

"River" Live

* To watch CT's performance of "Highway of Fallen Kings" on A-Sides click here.*

CT Interview

Aoki in NYC with Duran Squared

There are a few valuable lessons I've learned in life. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. Don't eat ice cream with a fork. And, recently, I added don't use a FlipCam on a poorly lit, crammed red carpet at a New York City concert venue. On June 20, DJ Steve Aoki performed a special concert at Terminal 5 as part of Trident's "Sweet What Unfolds Live" series. The mix master played to a crowd of 3,000 and was joined by surprise guests Duran Duran to perform their collaboration together -- a remixed cover of their mega-hit "Hungry Like the Wolf." Following the performance of that "New York Werewolf Mix," the "Reflex" band performed a short set. Moments before the audience got sweaty in the pit to phat beats, Aoki, Duran Duran, and a notable stars took to the crowded (and less sweaty) red carpet located on the third-floor of the venue. The space was crammed. The view was dark, and I captured it all for your amusement. The Bachelorette's Roberto Martinez addresses (or doesn't address) rumors that he'll be the next Bachelor, fellow contestant (and winner) J.P. Rosenbaum tolerates my line of questioning, and singer Solange Knowles chats about her anticipation to watch Aoki's set. Oh, and there's Glee's Mark Salling talking about (finally) graduating. Watch. Listen. Love?

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