08/09/2012 09:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A-Sides With Jon Chattman: Go West With PK, Head East With The Ugly Club, and Catch an Exclusive Performance From Citizen Cope

The Lost Boys is one of my favorite movies ever. The 1987 vampire flick blows Twilight out of the water on every level and comes equipped with the best soundtrack ever. Don't agree? I suggest you listen to the sax solo in Tim Cappello's "I Still Believe." Man, that song gets me. Anyway, I'm not here to try and convince you to enjoy that Haim/Feldman teen angst horror classic or its brilliant soundtrack. Today, I'm talking about a different Lost Boys and while it has absolutely nothing to do with the opening lines of this post, it is stellar in a very non-Frogg Brothers way.

The California-based indie rock act PK just released their new EP called The Lost Boys Session, and it's a wonderful cross between vintage Killers and The Gaslight Anthem. Check that -- frontman Travis Hawley has his own style, and attention ladies -- is a Superman doppleganger. Joined by Matt DePauw (guitar), Mikel Van Kranenburg (bass), and Nick Fotinakes (guitar), it wouldn't surprise me if this post serves as a tipping point for the well-received band. Rolling Stone magazine has already singled them out as one of its top 16 Unsigned Artists in the U.S. based off their debut album The Roaring.

Three of the five members stopped in for an A-Sides late last month at the Music Conservatory of Westchester in White Plains, N.Y., and performed two tracks and took part in an interview. Watch one track here ("Some Nights") and the other ("London") exclusively on

PK -- "Some Nights"

PK Interview

While PK are generating steam on the West Coast, New Jersey's The Ugly Club are tearing it up on the East Coast. The indie rock quintet, who like PK are as great storytellers as they are musicians, just got featured in Paste magazine as one of 12 Springsteen country-based bands you should be listening to. They're also featured as Deli magazine's Artist of the Month. The band just dropped their full-length album You Belong to the Minutes after releasing their debut EP "Visions of a Tall Girl" last year. The Club who have been together for two years, features Ryan Egan (vocals/guitar), Joseph Stasio (vocals/guitar), Taylor Mandel (keyboard/piano/trumpet/melodica), Rick Sue-Poi (bass) and Ryan McNulty (percussion).

Watch "Loosen Up" live below, and visit for a exclusive performance of "Wasted." Check out the interview with the band as well, and thank me later. Call me maybe.

The Ugly Club - "Loosen Up"

UC Interview

Rounding out today's A-Sides is Citizen Cope with an exclusive performance of "DFW" off his new album "One Lovely Day." Stay tuned for an A-Sides interview with the acclaimed singer/songwriter soon!

DFW from Wiseguy Pictures on Vimeo.

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