06/20/2013 12:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hybrid vs Combustion: An Experiment You've Been Prevented From Seeing. Until Now! (VIDEO)

This vs That is the first independently produced science and investigative series. That may not seem like a big deal to you at this moment... But, in terms of the show's content, it gives us carte blanche to reveal facts and unbiased information you'd never get on traditional TV.

Allow me to explain.

  • This vs That was not financed by a TV network.
  • This vs That has no advertising.
  • This vs That is not beholden to any corporations whatsoever.

This vs That was created by, written by, directed by, executive produced by and financed by one guy. Me -- and that's one of things that makes this series unique. And I make decisions about the show's content based on one criteria: Are we telling people the truth?

That's it.

Oh. And is it entertaining? OK. Two criteria.

So: because This vs That's only obligation is to the unbiased truth (Our Motto: No Bias. No Bullshit. Just Science, Fact & Funny), we are not corrupted by the influence of money. Meaning: we're able to do experiments you'd never see on traditional TV, where so many decisions are based on how those decisions will affect business relations, commerce, economics, advertisers and the viewing audience.

For example, our a hybrid vs combustion engine challenge.


Let me briefly back up. Before This vs That became six independently financed one-hour episodes, I pitched the show to several cable networks. All of whom said the same two things:

  1. Can we steal this from you?
  2. We could never do the Hybrid vs Combustion engine experiment because Toyota is one of our biggest sponsors.

So: thanks to Toyota's massive advertising budget, they are able to effectively prevent any televised scrutiny of their hybrid technology. Do you think Discovery or Spike or History would do anything to piss off one of their biggest advertisers? Think about it. Have you ever seen hybrid cars face off simultaneously against combustion engine cars under the same conditions? With side by side scrutiny, we are able to determine...

  • Which REALLY gets better mileage?
  • Which is REALLY better for the environment?
  • Which will REALLY save you money?

And that's the point. Prior to This vs That's experiment, there have been no side by side comparisons done of hybrid vs combustion engine cars by independent evaluators and hybrid technology experts (that we know of) whose results have been released to the public.

Until now.

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