05/10/2013 05:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Pipe Bomb Kills. Two Families Need Justice.

It was supposed to be a big family weekend. Valerie Johnson and her daughter were flying to Seattle in August 2008 to help her son and his wife move back to Ohio. They were stopping in Moses Lake, Washington for a couple days to spend some time with her dad -- William Walker. But a perfect family weekend quickly turned tragic.

"Jon -- he deserves justice, he was taken too soon, he had so much more living to do," Valerie told me. Our family needs answers, what happened that morning in August and why?"

What happened that day remains -- in large part -- a mystery. We do know that 69 year-old William Walker was killed by an explosion in his own garage on August 2, 2008. He was found by his grandson. Ten hours later, 53 year old Javier Adame. was killed by a pipe bomb just miles away.
Police believe the bomb killing Walker was disguised as a battery charger for a fishing boat motor. It was a sophisticated device. Police believe a different type of device -- though equally as damaging -- killed Mr. Adame. Neither case has been solved.

Police -- and the families -- refuse to allow these cases to become "cold cases." They refuse to allow Mr. Walker and Mr. Adame to simply become case numbers. Someone knows something about the pipe bombs who killed these men and the brazen killers behind them.

Please watch below as members of the Walker family join me live on Wednesday May 15th in an exclusive "Wild About Trial" interview as they go searching for justice.