11/13/2013 12:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Adults Don't Vanish -- Where Is Jessica Heeringa?

Where is 25-year-old Jessica Heeringa? Friends and family know she would never leave her 3-year-old child on purpose. So -- where is she?

The FBI's 2011 statistics show active missing adult cases numbering more than 85,000. Many of those people simply don't want to be found... A small number undoubtedly have met with foul play. Now, it appears Jessica may fall into that category. But we can't give up hope. And, we can't stop hoping -- and searching.

It was April 26, 2013, when she was last seen around 11:15 p.m. at the gas station where she worked in Norton Shores, Michigan. She was leaving work for the night and heading home to kiss her son. A small amount of her blood was found outside and police believe she was abducted. She hasn't been found. And, clues have been scarce.

Witnesses have been reluctant to come forward, though sources confirm at least one co-worker stopped into the gas station several times that night and may know what happened. Speculation has abounded about who may have wanted Jessica dead but there have been no strong leads.

Police have searched, and dug into the case but I am convinced without a tip from the public this case may never be solved. In this era of "stop snitching," often people are afraid to come forward with information out of fear of retaliation. But in an email from the family to me, they say this: "We need help pulling out the truth, Jon! We need answers. Please help!"

One tip could bring this family a piece of justice in what has been an absolutely hellish 6 months. Please watch my interview with the family on Thursday ,November 13, 2013. In a WildAboutTrial exclusive, we will reveal new information and we will ask for your help.