11/20/2012 01:04 pm ET Updated Jan 20, 2013


Thanksgiving has always been my favorite national holiday because gratitude is so easy to understand. Set aside a day for being thankful. Even -- or especially -- as a child, that has always made sense to me.

But the day after Thanksgiving celebrated with frenetic shopping, now, that I've never understood. "Black Friday" must have been created by cynics who wanted to ensure that our Thanksgiving gratefulness wouldn't last long.

Here is my proposal: Let's put Black Friday out of business and replace it with Thanksgiveaway as the name for the day after Thanksgiving. Here is my definition:

Thanksgiveaway (proper noun): The day after Thanksgiving in the United States that describes people's attempt to shun what had become a tradition of shopping furiously for bargains, once known as "Black Friday," with a day devoted to cleaning out extra clothing, unneeded books, rarely used cooking utensils and appliances, and other non-essential or duplicate household items, and giving them away to others who may need them.