10/13/2010 10:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

You Wanted It. You Got It.

A couple of weeks ago, my colleague Richard Smith posted comments he discovered, made by Senate candidate Pat Toomey, about why the former congressman voted against a $1,500 combat bonus for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yep, Toomey voted no on a very simple amendment in 2003, that would have given our men and women fighting overseas a little bit more change in their pockets.

To remind you, Toomey called that bonus, "Wasteful spending." Yes, that from the same guy who stood against taxing any of the bonuses that Wall Street execs gave themselves after ripping off America.

The reaction from commenters on here was somewhere between shocked and disgusted. One of the most frequent types of comments I read were ones that said, "Why isn't this an ad?"

Well, we thought about it, and you were right. Why wasn't this in an ad? Now, because of you, it is.

The ad above, spurred by comments like yours, is part of an over $1 million launch of ads today that is placing in the Pennsylvania Senate race, the race for Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District (Patrick Murphy's re-election), and in the Senate race in Nevada.

To view our other ads, just go here.

This is what people-powered activism is all about. While we at can't do everything that everyone suggests, when an idea you rally around makes sense, we'll do what we can do make it happen. You're a huge part of the success of, and why we've become powerful enough to expose those who vote against veterans, while pushing for the help troops and veterans desperately need. We've been there to push through the new GI Bill, to push back against truly wasteful spending that could be used for the troops, and to support veterans who want to continue their service in public life, among many other things.

So, on behalf of all the veterans at, I want to thank you. Keep those ideas coming!