12/18/2013 10:24 am ET Updated Feb 17, 2014

Why Entrepreneurs Are the Happiest Givers

The holidays mean a lot of different things to people. It can be a joyful time, a sad time, a stressful time or even a relaxing time. Naturally, we put a big emphasis on giving back this time of year and everyone loves a cheerful giver. As an entrepreneur and founder of the non-profit, Natural High, I've been able to gain some insight into how some of my fellow entrepreneurs treat this time of year, and it's marked by a particular brand of generosity. Here are the top reasons why I believe entrepreneurs 'pay it forward' with the biggest hearts and brightest smiles.

We know what it's like to need support.

Every entrepreneur knows that success is impossible without strong relationships. We rely on all kinds of support to make it through countless hours building business plans and convincing others that our ideas and innovations are worthwhile. It can be from a spouse, business partner, financial investors, close friends and advisors, etc. It is essential to have individuals in your life cheer you on, motivate you to do better and pick you up when you fall down. Having relied on this kind of support ourselves, most entrepreneurs are willing to give it in kind.

We enjoy improving things and making them better.

Serial entrepreneurs identify with this statement. We create businesses, machines and products to solve specific problems or meet critical needs. We are creative thinkers and ambitious activists. We want to make life easier and the world better. When you're given the opportunity to adopt a family for Christmas or feed the homeless at a soup kitchen, you are able to participate (even in the smallest way) in making your community a better place. This kind of goodwill is infectious and inspires the same in those around you, much like the way good leadership and fresh ideas can inspire better business and happier employees.

We are a special breed of dedicated humans.

Let's face it. No one ever said following a dream is easy -- there will always be naysayers and skeptics, hurdles to cross along the way. But when ambition, innovation and dedication collide, the combination can be unstoppable. Entrepreneurs give everything they have with their whole heart and will not settle for anything less than success. We believe that we are limitless and anything is possible. It's this type of dedication that inspires movement -- whether it's yourself, your business, your network, your friends and family, or your community. Take a look at the charities and non-profits in your community -- you'll see that same drive and passion driving them forward. Come alongside those in your community this holiday season and experience how your combined energy and dedication can serve as a catalyst for reaching new goals and creating an even stronger impact.

Lastly, it feels good!

The old adage still rings true: it is better to give than receive. When we give back, we open our hearts, creating deeper connections with the people who surround us, using our passion and influence to improve lives and inspire more goodness in the world. At Natural High, we're celebrating this feeling with our #LiveToGive social media campaign this month. We've called upon our Natural High community, young and old, to show us what it looks like to demonstrate acts of selflessness and generosity this month. Images of refugees receiving clothes fill the newsfeed alongside needy children adorned with brand new shoes and donations of long golden locks to organizations like Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

So amidst your busy holiday festivities, take a moment to remember how you got to where you are and ask yourself how you can pay it forward -- whether it be with your family and friends or organizations around your community -- and you'll be the happiest giver on the block.