12/21/2012 11:41 am ET Updated Feb 19, 2013

Mr. President: If You Will Stand Up for Meaningful Reforms, We Will Stand With You

The Sandy Hook tragedy has shaken many of us to our core.

I have two boys the same age as many of the precious children who lost their lives last week. Their teachers remind me of those brave educators who died last Friday. As I tuck my children into bed, my heart breaks for the families of Newtown, Connecticut who can no longer do the same.

We were encouraged to hear the President tapped Vice President Biden to lead a task force on school violence. However, the task force is only the first step toward what must be a sustained effort to eradicate this problem. Real actions must be taken.

Has the moment arrived, at last, when decent people across our great nation have finally decided we've had enough? Will those of us who've consented to so much loss with our silence finally speak up and demand our leaders pass laws that decrease the prevalence of mass shootings?

We can stand up for school safety. We can speak out for sensible gun laws. We can support improved mental health programs. None of these are easy. All of them will require Americans to come together and make a sustained effort to protect our children.

President Obama said, "we can't tolerate this anymore." It's time, he said, "to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this. Regardless of the politics." Since the massacre, several members of Congress who previously voted in lockstep with the gun lobby have announced a change of heart. We applaud their courage.

There appears to be a real possibility that American leaders may set aside ideology in the wake of this mass shooting and take meaningful action. For change to finally happen, millions of Americans need to stand up and support meaningful, lasting change. I'm ready to take that stand.

Please join me in signing this letter to President Obama that urges him to push for bold legislation that will truly make a difference preventing tragedies like Newtown.

Newtown must be different. We cannot allow the heartbreaking loss of those 26 innocent children, teachers, and administrators go unanswered. If the president stands up for meaningful reform, we will stand with him.