05/18/2012 06:55 pm ET Updated Jul 18, 2012

The Funny Or Die World Premiere of 'Sexy Daddy'


"Sexy Daddy" was written by Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley, and it stars Dave Foley, Rob Benedict, and Alexie Gilmore.

Aside from the short films that played during the Kids in the Hall 2008 Reunion tour, "Sexy Daddy" is one of the first true stand-alone Kids in the Hall sketch since the last season of their show in 1994, and I am honored to have directed and produced it.

When I was a miserable little young man in high school and college, The Kids in the Hall changed the way I looked at comedy. They made me realize that creativity and comedy could go hand in hand. Their brand of humor was dark, twisted, and damn funny. On behalf of everyone who worked on the film, I am proud to present:


This cut of the film is 3.5 minutes in length.

In about a week or so, Funny Or Die will release the full 6.5 minute sketch as written by the guys and directed by me. We think both are very funny -- the director's cut I'll email you in a week has that many more jokes, and is that much more twisted; we think you'll enjoy them both.

Written by: Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley
Produced by: Pyongson Yim and Jonathan Kesselman
Executive Producer: Sean Boyle
Co-Producer: Paul Kropfl
Co-Producer: Mark Hubatsek
Associate Producer: Martha Tuber
Director Of Photography: Mark Hubatsek
Editor: Mike Mezzina
Production Designer: Avery Sorrels
Sound Design: David Bondelevitch
Composers: Michael Cohen & Mocean Worker
Visual Effects/Graphics: C. Brent Ferguson
1st Assistant Director: Matthew Slamowitz
Makeup: Alex Guffey & Lindsay Cullen
Gaffer: Hemant Tavathia
D.I.T: Ryan SaviniSound Recording: Jake Magher
Boom Op: Rainer Evans
Production Assistants: Emily Bogue, Adam Bildersee, Joshua Paige, Nugent Cantileno
Locations Provided By: Neal & Judy Stevens, Greko Chemoul (Le French Diner)