08/04/2010 10:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The premiere of Jonathan Kesselman's (Me!) new short film, 'Arts & Crafts'

I am very proud to present the Interwebs Premiere of my newest short, "Arts & Crafts"

As the summer winds down, only a few truly adult Hollywood films have been released that have plumbed the depths of the human condition. We, the cast and crew of Arts & Crafts, bring you a comedy that will not only make you laugh, but also think.

And when we say think, we mean think, as in "Inception" think -- except our movie is only 4 minutes long, and revolves around a toilet. However, it WILL change the way your subconscious perceives a popsicle stick FOREVER...

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Starring: Josh Cooke (ABC's 'Better With You') and Rob Benedict ('Supernatural)
Written By: Jacob Fleisher
Produced by: Pyongson Yim
Cinematography: Robert Lam
Production Design: Cabot McMullen
Art Director: David Novak
Editor: Katie M. Best
Music: Michael Cohen & Mocean Worker
Re-Recording Mixer: David Bondelevitch