11/27/2012 03:54 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

ReThink Interview: James Balog and Jeff Orlowski of Chasing Ice

Over Thanksgiving, many of you probably found yourself in one of those uncomfortable conversations with some relative or relation who believes climate change is just a big hoax invented by Al Gore, the warming of the earth is due to "natural processes," or that there are parts of the earth that are actually getting colder. Bring up the fact that October was the 332nd consecutive warmer-than-average month on record and you probably got some dismissive, unsubstantiated mumbling about "the science not being settled", even though humans have gotten pretty good at making thermometers.

So if you need more immediate, visceral evidence of climate change besides countless articles, studies, and your impressive command of the facts, you should direct wayward Thanksgiving guests to the new documentary Chasing Ice. Director Jeff Orlowski spent several years following award-winning environmental photographer James Balog as he braved knee injuries, malfunctioning equipment, and some of the harshest conditions on earth to place time-lapse cameras at glaciers in Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, and Montana to capture visual proof of climate change as it's happening. The results are beautiful, breathtaking, and terrifying. Watch the trailer for Chasing Ice below.

I interviewed Orlowski and Balog while they were visiting Los Angeles, and we talked about who they hoped would see Chasing Ice, if they've been attacked by right-wing climate change deniers, how climate change should be a nonpartisan issue, and a lot more. Watch my ReThink Interview with James Balog and Jeff Orlowski below, and visit to learn more about how you can see Chasing Ice, spread the word about it, and take action.

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