02/25/2013 05:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

ReThink Interview: Eddie Pepitone and Steven Feinartz of The Bitter Buddha

It seems like after 30 years in the business, stand-up comedian Eddie Pepitone is finally getting his shot. A cult favorite in L.A.'s alternative comedy scene, Eddie and his bitter, raging, self-loathing style has endeared him to a new generation of young comedy fans while earning the respect of veteran comics who recognize Eddie as an archetype of East Coast, middle-class, populist outrage mixed with the bitterness of an actor who's been turned down at too many auditions. Steven Feinartz's documentary The Bitter Buddha (my review here) follows Eddie through his everyday life as well as to shows and podcast recordings as he tries to improve his act and himself while dozens of comedians (including Sarah Silverman, Marc Maron, Dana Gould, and Patton Oswalt) attempt to explain Eddie's appeal and what makes him unique.

I spoke with Feinartz and Pepitone as The Bitter Buddha was beginning a limited theater run (the film is also available on VOD and iTunes) and we talked about where Eddie's comedy comes from, the role of comedian as truth teller, and a lot more, so check out my ReThink Interview below with Eddie Pepitone and Steven Feinartz of The Bitter Buddha.

To find out more about The Bitter Buddha and where it's playing, go here.

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