04/06/2012 09:07 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

ReThink Review: American Reunion -- the Sequel No One Asked for

Haven't you been curious about what the crew from American Pie have been up to since American Wedding? Me neither, which makes the arrival of American Reunion that much more baffling. I know that for many people who were teenagers in 1999, American Pie was a revelation since R-rated sex comedies had temporarily fallen out of fashion. But then, American Pie burst onto the scene with MILFs, pie sex, nudity, masturbation, and a raunchy attitude. Suddenly, R-rated comedies were big business again for the same reasons studios eventually re-embraced horror films in the early 2000s -- both types of films are beloved by teens, are cheap to make, and don't require stars, good acting, or good writing. With a budget around American Pie $11 million and a worldwide box office haul of more than $235 million, it wasn't long until other studios sought to replicate American Pie's success, and they haven't turned back. It's pretty hard to imagine a recent R-rated teen sex movie like Project X being made if it hadn't been for American Pie.

But despite American Pie's place in history, is anyone looking for a fourth film, especially after the American Pie name was dragged through the mud with three straight-to-DVD American Pie Presents titles? Are teenagers today eager to see a teen sex comedy sequel with characters who were introduced when they were barely out of diapers, especially when kids can see boobs whenever they want on their smartphones? Have we finally had enough of Stifler?

Check out my ReThink Review of American Reunion below.

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