03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Global Security: On the Ground in Copenhagen

Tuesday morning, I was joined by 10 veterans of Operation Free as we headed out in the freezing cold to get an early 5 AM start to ensure our place at the Copenhagen Bella Center. Delegations from all over the world joined us in line and were anxious ensure the international climate negotiators hear their message.

I found it fascinating that with all the different advocacy groups and messengers who came here to make their case to world leaders about the critical need for action for our Global Security, people thought it was new and compelling. When we start to discuss our experiences in our military and begin to lay out Operation Free's mission to secure America with clean energy, they show incredible appreciation for us being here.

The message is so powerful we were asked to host a press conference in the Bella Center (Copenhagen's Climate Conference's Ground Zero), watch it here:

We came to Copenhagen to help America once again establish itself as a country that "leads by example" on climate change and set the standards for others to follow. That is why we are here to call for a strong international agreement to secure both our national and global security. Delegates, press, and members from partner nations we very interested in speak with the Operation Free veterans and hope to talk to their citizens about the security solutions that make this agreement so critical.

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