02/18/2011 05:43 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mobile Week in Review: Top 10 Articles in Mobile 2/14-2/18

The mobile sector is constantly changing and it's hard to keep track of all of the new developments. To help you stay on top of the wireless evolution, Mobile Future highlights for you our top 10 must-read articles from this past week.

Data Seen Overwhelming Cell Networks
At this week's Mobile World Congress, wireless visionaries discussed the challenges they face in managing the flood of demand for mobile data services spurred by the growth in smartphones. -- NY Times

26 Billion Text Messages Sent During China Spring Festival
The recent Chinese New Year saw 26 billion text messages sent in China, representing a 13 percent increase over last year. -- MobileCrunch

Homeless Tweet in New Awareness Campaign
Four homeless people were given their own prepaid cell phones, a month of unlimited text messaging and a Twitter account as part of the initiative Underheard in New York, which aims to raise awareness of the challenges the homeless face in a major urban city. -- USA Today

Groups: Spectrum Incentive Auctions Would Raise Big Bucks

Wireless auctions using spectrum voluntarily given up by television stations could raise US$33 billion or more for the U.S. treasury and $2.3 billion for the stations themselves. -- PC World

Qualcomm has High Hopes for Augmented Reality Gaming
Qualcomm demonstrated a number of augmented-reality games for Android-based smartphones at the Mobile World Congress this week. The company anticipates the technology will be used to enhance ads, product packages and education. -- Network World

iPads Replacing Restaurant Menus
A new food chain in Southern California, Stacked: Food Well Built, will feature iPads as menus at each table. -- USA Today

YouTube"s 3D Video Channel To Support Mobile Uploads
YouTube"s 3D Channel will soon feature uploads from your mobile device, the first device to support this integration will be the glasses-free LG Optimus 3D smartphone. -- Huffington Post

Merck, Novartis Invest in Mobile-Phone Apps to Help Patients Track Illness

Pharmaceutical companies boosted investments in mobile phone applications and educational websites by 78 percent and initiated 97 projects last year to get patients to take their drugs, eat right and exercise. -- Bloomberg

Name That Show: IntoNow App Identifies TV Choices by Sound
Similar to Shazam, IntoNow is an iPhone app that identifies what you're watching on TV based on the audio and serves up a brief descriptor of the episode. It allows you to see what friends are watching via Facebook sharing and Twitter, while linking to IMDB, Netflix and iTunes. -- USA Today

RIM: "Many, If Not Most" BlackBerrys To Have Contactless Payment Tech In 2011
With Android 2.3 supporting contactless payment and rumors of Apple's next iPhone to also support this functionality, RIM CEO Jim Balsillie announced that many, if not most, BlackBerry handsets will as well this year. -- MobileCrunch

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