05/28/2015 11:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

4 Digital Productivity Strategies to Boost Your Marketing Effectiveness

This is part of the Increased Productivity Series where tips on productivity, brain training, and business success are shared.

Time is a limited resource and getting the most out of it is a goal for most people. We all want to make the most of our time, finding more to spend with family, more time to exercise, more time to read, more time to sleep, and more time to dedicate toward our career endeavors.

Managing our time and using it effectively isn't really happening because, as Phil Fersht, CEO and founder of Horses for Sources, puts it, "Our digital work lives are burying us in pings and alerts and shares of dubious value -- not to mention the email inbox that was supposed to go away, but never has."

So, how do you stay purpose-driven to boost your marketing productivity and make the most of your working hours? Here are some excellent strategies:

1. In Today's Marketing Environment Digital = Mobile
Pretty much the whole consumer world is on a mobile device, nearly all of the time. Do you know how consumers are using mobile? Have you downloaded your competitors' apps? This will tell you not only what's out there, but what they might be missing that you can supply to your customers. In other words, don't waste time reinventing the wheel.

Image Credit, Flickr Creative Commons: Johan Larsson

2. Delegation Is Salvation
Don't let the little things get in the way of the big things you've got to accomplish as a marketer. Purpose-driven marketers know how to delegate ordinary tasks. The trivial is a tempting refuge from the stress of important matters; you've got to fight it any way you can.

You can start by ordering a massage service online to help you relax at the office while thinking over campaign strategy, or engaging a virtual assistant from 247VirtualAssistants to pay your bills, book your travel, and even do some online shopping for you -- freeing up your time and attention to concentrate on promotion and publicity.

3. Use a Cloud-Based Dedicated Email for Editorial Alerts and Newsletters

Email programs are starting to improve by differentiating newsletters from personal emails, but it's possible to push any newsletter emails into a segregated email inbox. Reducing email clutter is a goal we should all work for, and sending newsletters to a separate email is a battle we can win. Then those newsletters don't crowd out your normal emails and when you have time you can focus on winnowing the newsletters and/or arranging them into filtered folders. Gmail filters are a good way to start.

4. Use Blinders When You Have To
Blinders are a piece of horse tack that keeps the animal from being distracted by objects to the side. With blinders on, a horse will move straight ahead at a steady pace. People are like horses, in that they can become easily distracted. So a set of digital blinders can be a good idea when you have an important marketing project, or a firm deadline to meet. Focus Lock is an app you install on your smartphone to block certain apps that would distract you or keep you from meeting your marketing deadline.

You program your device so for a set period of time you can't kill any zombies, pin recipes, or tweet about what a lousy day you're having. With no digital temptations available, you can become much more productive.