03/03/2014 03:57 pm ET Updated Dec 02, 2014

Aiming for Perfection? Surgery Is Just a Distraction, Not a Solution

In our struggle for perfection, we turn to distractions and not solutions

We live in a world of hypocrisy where everything is just superfluous versions of what truly exists. We see millions of dollars are being spent on creating 'better' versions of the reality through entertainment and beauty industry -- particularly plastic surgery.

Escaping reality by weaving its superficial version

Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if there was no entertainment industry. What if there were no overpaid celebrities, and money were spent on more pressing issues such as solving poverty, climate change, malnutrition and overpopulation? There are so many pressing problems that affect many people's lives, yet we choose to address them through quick patches and often ineffective solutions.

We resort to creating more problems to indirectly solve existing ones.

Of course I do not blame the entertainment industry for creating problems on top of existing problems. There are more urgent problems, yet we don't go straight through the roots, but simply scratch through the surface with some people making profits in the process.

Manicured perception of success

Take a look at beauty pageants, for example. In a documentary by Billie JD Porter called Secrets of South America: Extreme Beauty Queens, she explores why Venezuela seems so obsessed with perfect beauty when some of its people are still struggling with violence and poverty. It portrays an issue of constantly pursuing excellence and perfection in the midst of affliction.

Most of the girls who joined the pageant think of it as their ticket to a better life and would subject themselves to public scrutiny and undergo various painful procedures and alterations just to attain public approval and affirmation.

You know what's hurts more than the pains the girls have to go through under the knife? It's the widely-accepted perception that there's no other way to improve but to match ourselves with the perfect standards created by the beauty and entertainment industry.

It feels as if perfection is a destination and surgical enhancement is the sole ticket.

The reason it's so easy to embrace the quick fix is that in the new worlds we create, we make ourselves believe that we build our dreams. It's like paying for express tickets to get to our desired destination.

In our search for perfection, we often lose ourselves

In our efforts to create a better version of ourselves, we lose sight of who we really are and the problems at hand. It's the very reason why Disney movies and fairy tales exist. They are our quick fixes. They are our way of escaping the reality and coping with the situation by simply covering them and pretend like they don't exist in the first place.

Just like painting our nails if they are brittle, we coat the real situation instead of dealing with them.

Putting limitation to perceived perfection

It doesn't hurt to aim be better and strive for excellence. The journey gives us hope and lead us to believe that what's impossible can be possible. What's disturbing though is that in our quest for perfection, we often rob ourselves with real happiness. We focus so much in finding the tiniest mistakes in every detail instead of finding happiness in the little success.

As a result, we tangle ourselves in a maze and intricate situations of our own creation.

Not all self enhancements require surgery

We may not easily solve all problems, but we definitely could not solve them with fleeting solutions either. We must first understand that in order for us to address them, we need to acknowledge that they do exist. Plan and restructure our solutions into realistic and sustainable ones. We must realize that in pursuit for too much perfection, we may lose our identify.

Or maybe, instead of dedicating our lives striving for perfection, we should focus ourselves in accepting and appreciating what we have. We too many problems already. We don't need to inflict ourselves with a few more by undergoing unnecessary enhancements.