The Truth About Hotel Booking Site Deleting Reviews

09/18/2015 12:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Deleted My Reviews. Twice.

Far from just one-sided views you see on adverts, the advent of social media has allowed us to see online reviews from people who have experienced the places or restaurants we're looking to go. I make it a habit to check those prior to making any booking or purchases online. In fact, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Since me and my husband have been traveling and checking out new restaurants and hotels, I've mainly relied on the online reviews to get a feel of what the place is like and whether they've got the necessary amenities and services we would need.

Image Credit: Flickr, Creative Commons: Katie Tegtmeyer

Those online reviews are from real people's real experiences, right?

So it was such a disappointing experience for me when the Review I've shared on on September 14, 2015 was still under moderation despite seeing the most recent approved comment was September 17.

Without any prior communication or notice, has decided to censor and delete my review of Red Planet Hotel (I will not even link to their site as it will only drive more people there and only see the positive reviews the booking company has decided to highlight on their site).

After all, if all the hotels have positive reviews, positive for's bottom line).

Then I've got an email from their CS that my comment contained profanity and insult. doesn't have any Communty Guidelines in place so they've completely ignored all my requests to send me a link to it (how can they provide and keep referring to something they currently don't have in place).

I am furnishing you a copy of my original review so you could help me decide if it was against any Community Guidelines (which they haven't communicated in the first place).

2015-09-18-1442594416-4954352-BookingCensoringTravelersReview.PNG Deleting Negative Comments, Highligting Only the Positive Ones

After having been called out on Twitter, they've decided to publish just my rating - without my actual comments!

2015-09-18-1442597027-3715376-BookingDeletingTravelerReviews.png Censoring and Deleting Travelers Negative Comments

What happened to the real reviews by real people there? What happened to authenticity and transparency?

By the looks of it, I wasn't the only one whose review was deleted.

Negative Travelers Comments Deleted by

I've submitted a revised and much detailed version of the review to really help travelers be informed. However, did once again what they're only good at.

They have deliberately deleted my new review.

Below is a copy of my review and tell me if I violated any proper Community Guidelines.

This got to be the WORST Hotel on the Planet!

SURROUNDINGS: Located near Burgos, families will not enjoy the view of surrounding clubs as well as the presence of the taxi drivers whose aims is to rip unsuspecting travelers.

SERVICE: Almost everyone in this hotel are clueless what the true value of service is.

Me and my husband came to them with our concerns, but we didn't feel as if the concerns were actually heard. We've had several concerns which we've communicated with their manager and we were passed from one person to another.

When we requested for all our complaints printed, we were told they will give it to us the next hoping we'd forget about it already.

Just so you're aware, this isn't a complete serviced hotel. It's a tiny room with bed, more like an expensive boarding house as there are NO:

- Toiletries -
No phone (in your room)
- No complimentary water
- No laundry service
- Ridiculously spotty internet connection (not ideal for business travelers)

We had to transfer several rooms to the point o f highest dismay and their management wouldn't do anything about it. They keep blaming the ISP when they're clearly scrimping on their internet bills by not getting any backup if they really care.

- Inconsistent housekeeping (I have to call the reception twice just to get our towels delivered - 9/14/2015.

I think it's only Janet who ACTUALLY does her job

- There were ants in our room!
- Sockets broken!

They just keep on apologizing, not doing anything about it Just now, I spoke with one receptionist and it feels like they don't understand the problem at all. Instead of addressing the issues, they just let it pass hoping you'd forget about it.

So much for real reviews by real people, right?

I am extremely traumatized by this experience as by the looks of it, some "Real Reviews. Real People" sites are gaming the reviews and only highlighting the good ones, so they could make more money.

Clearly this booking site has decided to serve only the hotel's best interest. Not the travelers'.