02/23/2015 03:36 am ET Updated Apr 24, 2015

What Foods Do Aussies Love to Takeaway? [Infographic]

Aussies may love their Vegemite and Tim Tams but when it comes to takeaway, their tastes are much more varied. The country is blessed with a veritable feast of different cultures and cuisines. With so much to choose from, where do their taste buds lead them?

Matt Dyer from Australian takeaway provider EatNow, says, "Aussies tastes are varied and it's great to see so many different cultural influences in what people are loving."

Data from EatNow shows that the top three dishes from 2012-2014 were Butter Chicken, Pad Thai and Chinese Dim Sum. Other favorites include BBQ chicken and Carbonara.

How Much are Aussies Spending on Takeaway?
When you've just had a 10-12 hour day at work, the last thing you want to do is go to the shops and cook. The rise of ready-made meals and an array of cuisines available in a double click make it tempting to let someone else do the cooking.

But not all states are equal in their sentiment on takeaway. Victoria and New South Wales take the lead in the takeaway race, with 37.5% and 24.6% of orders coming from the two states respectively.

What Aussies Love to Eat vs What They Should Be Eating
It may be time to order a side of greens with your takeaway. Studies from Roy Morgan show that should up our intake of greens, with 60% of Aussies eating 2 or less serves of vegetables per day. This is far from the 5 serves we're meant to be getting, with only 6% of Australians keeping up with the recommended amount. To get your daily intake, opt for bok choy with your Chinese dishes, a Greek salad with your souvlaki or ask for more vegetables in your pad thai.