09/12/2014 12:55 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Hasn't Yet Been Said About The Watch

The Network Effects are More Beautiful Than the Watch.


That heartbeat is probably the most ingenious detail the folks at Apple could have devised.

During most of the Watch presentation I didn't know what to think. Hadn't I seen this before? Does somebody like me wear this? I don't wear watches, would I find this useful?

And then they announced that little heartbeat.

A little tap that I can send to my wife to let her know that it's time to go. Two taps to let me know that she's arrived to pick me up from work. A heartbeat to let her know I love her.

Little impermanent communications too light to draw phone from pocket. You know, ephemeral messaging.

A moment ago I didn't see the value in me having one Apple Watch. Now, I saw the value in my family having two of them.

And we already know we love each other. High school wasn't too far away to forget those feelings of nervousness. When I wasn't brave enough to walk up to a girl and introduce myself.

All it is going to take is one pretty girl in high school and college to get one of these things. The 24 Karet Gold one with the Burberry band (read on) no doubt.

Teenage boys hope of sending their heartbeat to her is going to sell out entire high schools of these things.

Aftermarket Bands are Coming


I probably had the same reservations as anybody had. Certainly anybody that is close enough to tech to have been curious about Google Glass.

Sure, the value is obvious, but in the early days I could hide my phone in my pocket. With this its out there for the world to see.

A blazing symbol of early adoption. That we are all peons in the cult of Mac. Unified by our uniqueness.

One of the things I thought Apple got really right was the ability to customize the bezels, sizes, and straps of their new wearable.

And then it hit me.

Strap is to Watch as case is to phone.

Endless lines of designers are already busy crafting high-status straps to personalize your high-functioning wrist. Flashy ones to show your wealth. Velcro ones to survive the camping trip and bike ride.

All dependant on that beautiful click. Bouquets of originality paying to license fertile soil in Apple's walled garden.

The Watch Controls the Home


Apple Pay is cool. I have a couple friends in the fintech space, and there is much ado being made about how disruptive Apple Payments will be, so I'll let more people weigh in on that.

What's really interesting is the aftermarket IoT world that Apple just unlocked by integrating NFC in the Watch & Phone.

If your new watch can unlock your room at Starwood, why can't it unlock your apartment?

If that door lock has zigbee, z-wave, or is wifi, why cant it also turn on the lights in your home and set the temperature of your home to "after-work."

Imagine the app that lets you send digital keys to your AirBnB tenant, and check when and from which door they accessed your home.

Imagine the garage door that opens automatically when you pull within range.

NFC isn't new, and Android has been incorporating for a while, so those who saw this coming will reap the biggest rewards. But Apple brings the adoption factor many developers were waiting for.

The possibilities are endless and exciting.