05/12/2014 11:29 am ET Updated Jul 12, 2014

The Organized Entrepreneur: How to Actually Complete Your Life Size Project

It feels huge. Massive even. You imagine it in your mind's eye and can see it so clearly. And it's beautiful and exciting and amazing....but has yet to get anywhere close to reality.

Yes, I'm talking about your dream. Yes, that dream. Your big, larger-than-life size project that you know you're meant to be doing. The only problem is that it's not getting done. At all. Which actually makes total sense. Let me explain.

A big life size project is kind of like a warm blueberry cobbler right out of the oven. It looks divine, smells delicious, and you can't wait to have a bite.

But what if I told you that you had to eat it whole or not at all? Is that pie going to fit in your mouth? I don't think so. So you're just going to stare at it and salivate and get really wildly frustrated. Because here's this pie and you want to eat it, but you can only eat it if you gobble it whole, which is completely impossible.

That is exactly what's happening with you now - just instead of a delish blueberry cobbler, it's your beloved dream, your big life size project. And enough with the staring and salivating. It's time to take some action. So here goes....

1. Get it all down on paper. Things always seem more overwhelming when they live in your head. So grab a notebook, and write down every single step you can think of when it comes to making your larger-than-life size project a reality. You don't need to have the steps in order yet; just get all of that thoughts that are currently swimming in your brain and move them to paper.

2. Break it all down into bite-sized pieces. Just like you can only eat a pie (easily, at least) by taking one bite at a time, same goes for your project. Now that you've written everything down, review your list and break each step into even smaller steps. The goal is that none of the steps overwhelm you; in fact, they all seem very doable. Keep breaking the steps down into tinier actions until you feel this way.

3. Put the steps in order. Now that everything is broken down, number each step. What comes first? Second? You'll have a chance to rewrite your list later if you like, but for now, just put a number next to each action so that it's clear what you need to do, step-by-tiny-step.

4. Guesstimate how long each step will take you. Far too often, we avoid doing things simply because we believe that they will take us forever to complete. Then, when we finally do whatever we've been avoiding, we realize that it really only took us 30 minutes. It's so much easier to take a step forward when we have an idea of how long the action at hand will take us.

5. Plug it into your calendar. Give every task a time. Since you now know how long each action will take you, find 30 minutes here and 1 hour there, and start writing down when you're going to do each step. Once it's in your calendar, it's so much easier to complete the task, since you've already allotted more than enough time to complete it.

Simplicity and success go hand in hand. Like so many things, completing your larger-than-life size project really just comes down to taking one step at a time.

Jordana Jaffe, founder of Embarkability, is an organizing expert for entrepreneurs and helps them plan more in their business so that they can play more in their lives. Whether you need to map out your marketing plan, simplify your weekly schedule or organize your budget, Jordana helps you add ease and order to your business and life. You can find out more about Jordana on and download her "Most Fav Organizing Resources That Have Truly Changed My Life (and that not many people know about)" here.