02/12/2008 11:51 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Buzz is Obama

Barack Obama's wins in D.C., Virginia, and Maryland today shows he can turn Reagan Democrats into Obama Democrats. The buzz is Obama. It's something that is swelling up from the grassroots and from different sectors of society that was not thought possible just a few months ago: white men, union households, women, older voters. He has cracked the code. Obama is the electable Democrat. Obama wins all the polls when matched up against John McCain. And having McCain's speech follow Obama's on national television tonight was like having Lawrence Welk play after James Brown.

The GOP has a catalog on Hillary and Bill Clinton relating to scandals and possible scandals, and with over 2 months of swiftboating will turn people off, which is exactly the Republican strategy. McCain showed tonight that the Republicans are going to go back to their familiar playbook and use fear of terrorism in "wartime" as their game. Hillary Clinton's past support for the Iraq disaster neutralizes the war issue in the general election. John Kerry tried that one and lost. A Clinton-McCain race would energize the Republican base and unite the fully-loaded right wing that is currently quarreling.

Clinton has recently blamed the media for her drop in popularity and accused MSNBC of being harder on her than Fox News. If Clinton wants to appear with Karl Rove over at Fox News she won't be reaching out to many Democrats. Maybe that's why Clinton wants Fox News to host one of the weekly debates she proposed.

Clinton must not only sweep Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, she now must win big with over 60 percent of the vote to garner enough pledged delegates to remain competitive with Obama. Obama's victories tonight also freeze the so-called super delegates helping them resist the constant pressure from the Bill and Hillary camp.

Obama has after tonight won more popular vote than Clinton and he now has surpassed her in the delegate count. And this is what everyone is going to be talking about: his success, an African American presidential candidate who is building a new alliance of organized citizens to build a new Democratic party and a new country. That's the buzz.

Thanks to my colleague Stan Oden for his collaboration on this one.