08/31/2015 04:52 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2016

Forget the Words... Listen to the Beat

I recently stumbled on an old Peter Tosh song named "Stepping Razor." The single was from the album "Wanted Dread & Alive." While listening to the lyrics and the rhythm of the song I began to reminisce about the emotion and passion of this particular song. This song created a sense of empowerment and self-confidence. The lyric and music shaped a symphony that synchronized my heart, my soul and my emotions with my goals and aspirations. I remembered it was a time to be hopeful, optimistic and enlightened. The year was 1981 and my diminutive stature created some insecurities and anxieties that affected how I perceived myself, my friends and society. So when I bobbed my head and danced to the music, I felt that I was personally and symbolically washing away all my demons and fears.

In 1981 Ronald Reagan had just been inaugurated and the 97th U.S. Congress was onboard with Majority Leader Howard Baker and Tip O'Neill and the indomitable Speaker of the House. The congress was divided with very strong leaders in every branch but it seems to me at that time all parties in leadership treated each other with dignity and respect. The ability of a politician to articulate his or her position without insulting or demeaning another politician was very important in procuring funds for his or her constituents.

Today as we embark in this new election cycle, Mr. Trump insists that he should be treated "nicely" and should be treated with respect. Mr. Trump has demonstrated to media that if he is not handled nicely a verbal penalty will be assessed. Where is the genesis of this requirement by a political candidate? Why is his behavior not being shunned by the voting population? It is always taught that you are not entitled to anything. Nothing should be given... everything should be earned. But Mr. Trump is a Billionaire and the rules of the game do not apply and does not pertain to him. Mr. Trump demands how he should be treated and what type of question is nice and fair or unfair. This requirement that is set forth by Mr. Trump makes him the leader in the polls. His popularity should be analyzed through the prism of music... Are you interested in the lyrics or the beat?

I would submit that voters are not listening or interested in lyrics in the Trump's symphony they listening to the rhythm and they like the beat. The beat that synchronizes their heart, soul and emotions with their goals, hope and aspirations. Mr. Trump knows that words are not as important as a good beat. People are wary of words... they have heard all the promises that the artist have given. People want to dance. You have a good beat you will find someone to dance with. I say this as I go back and examine some of the lyrics of the Peter Tosh song "Stepping Razor". The song starts "If you want to live treat me good... I'm like a walking razor don't you watch my size I'm dangerous". Why would this song mean so much to me as a youth? I was never an angry person, never got in a physical fight or had a temper. Listening to song made me feel tall, strong and invincible. It was a rebellious attitude that I projected and interpreted it in my behavior.

We have to give Mr. Trump much respect; he knows how to interpret anger, distrust, mistreatment and fear into musical symphonies that is targeted to a specific audience. It is very difficult to articulate to an angry person. Many husbands can attest that it is better to say nothing to an angry spouse than to try and explain yourself. A hug might do the trick. Trump's fans are not looking for word and specifics, they want action, and they can dance and want to dance. What he says does not matter. How he makes them feel is all that matters. If you like jazz he will play your tune. You like country he will play your tune too. His favorite genre is hard rock... loud, lots of drums and inaudible lyrics.

In 1981 Sam Donaldson was a prominent journalist and was known to shout questions to politicians. If Mr. Donaldson was asked to only to submit "nice" questions what would be his expression? Media outlets characterizes some voters are full of anger and I looked up the definition of the word "anger." The definition for anger is "a strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism." Emotions are not to be disregarded. There is good and bad, happy and sad, love and hate and good music and bad music. What genre of music you listen to is personal to you at that moment in time. It could be a moment that you will remember some years later or totally forget. Let the social music that is on your playlist invoke positive feelings about yourself, your family and society. The Top 3 year end singles in 1981 by Billboard was:-
3. Lady by Kenny Rodgers
2. Endless Love by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
1. Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes