09/26/2012 12:13 pm ET Updated Nov 26, 2012

20 Ways to Get Over Your Fear of Closed MRIs

Most people hate closed MRIs. I used to be the same way until I decided to challenge my thoughts about them. What I found is if I allow my inner child and imagination to come forward, my spirits become lifted as a reward.

Here are some crazy, fun ways to rethink closed MRIs. Permit yourself to think differently. Pretend.

1. Pretend you're entering a wild new ride at your favorite theme park.

2. Pretend you're going on a deep sea voyage with a secret mission to discover hidden treasure, but the map to find the treasure lies imprinted inside of your body. Only magnetic resonance can view the map and lead you to the treasure.

3. Listen to the sound of the machine happening outside of the tube and tap your hand to the beat between scans. It's like being inside of a dance party that only you were awesome enough to be invited to.

4. Pretend you've entered a land with giant woodpeckers that want to eat you. You find shelter in a giant impermeable tree trunk. You hear the woodpeckers pecking at the trunk and know nothing will happen to you, because you're completely protected.

5. Pretend you're on a mission to outer space and the MRI is your shuttle.

6. Pretend you're entering a time capsule and when you get out, you will return to the place you existed prior to entering the capsule, but you will not have lost any time.

7. Pretend you're in the movie The Matrix and you're entering the re-birth phase in order to learn the truth of human existence.

8. Pretend you're testing a new transportation device for the military.

9. Pretend you're an emperor who has escaped the throes of a rebellion by entering an impermeable tube. The tube is protecting you from surrounding rioters who are trying to kill you with arrows. You scoff at their feeble attempts and patiently await their exhausted departure.

10. Pretend you're inside of a robot's head.

11. Pretend you're entering a space shuttle with an impenetrable force field. An alien vessel is attacking your vessel with laser beams. Fortunately, you know nothing can harm you. You wrinkle your nose, shake your head and think, "You'll never break through this force field!"

12. Pretend you're in the movie Tron and you've just entered a transportation device.

13. Pretend you are entering a tube that will recharge your energetic vitality, so you can live a longer life.

14. Pretend you're in the movie The Empire Strikes Back and you're hiding from an AT-AT walker that is trying to attack and kill you. Luke Skywalker has your back, so there's no need to worry. You know he will destroy the walker in no time.

15. Pretend you've entered the future, but you don't want to be there. The only way back to your present time is to enter the MRI tube and follow the instructions given to you by an external voice.

16. Pretend you are a robot and you are getting recharged.

17. Think of yourself as a new-aged vampire who needs magnetic stimulation to continue living.

18. Pretend you are being studied because you are the only human alive who has specific magical powers that can only be detected by magnetic resonance.

19. Pretend you've entered a contest to see if you can hold your breath and pay attention to directions without getting flustered by the random noises that are trying to distract you.

20. Pretend you're a monk who has found the path to enlightenment. Scientists are examining you to discover how you attain mind-body synchronicity and peace. You have agreed to oblige them, because you feel it is your mission to help everyone achieve nirvana.