04/29/2011 04:13 pm ET Updated Jun 29, 2011

Healing Time for the South: A Call to Action

Waking up to the news reports that several hundred people had been killed and hundreds of thousands of people were -- and still are -- affected by the massive devastation from the storms in Alabama and other states, I wanted to find a way to help make a difference in any way possible.

Growing up in Kansas where tornadoes are prevalent during the summer storm season, I personally understand the fear of being struck face to face with nature's wrath, having been caught in several tornadoes myself. We are only just finding out the scale of the damage.

Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia -- all were victims of the storm. The horrific pictures and videos that have begun to emerge from yesterday's storm can not begin to describe the emotional, physical and psychological toll that the people who are affected directly are feeling right now. While they search for loved ones, gather up what remains of their personal belongings, and struggle to find food and shelter, we can help make a difference right here and now.

The focus is on search and rescue and getting help to those families whose homes have been destroyed and are left with nothing.

As Artistic Director of The Healing Time Foundation ( a 501c3 non-profit ), I want to do something to help those affected immediately. Our foundation was created to help American cities in need and there is no better time than now to start making a difference.

In 2008, I wrote a song called "Healing Time," which was about the emotional and physical issues that plagued New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina struck five years ago. Today, we stand in a place where the people of the South need our help again.

For a limited time, we are releasing an unheard studio demo of "Healing Time," which was captured in a rehearsal space with the Harlem Boys and Girls Alumni Ensemble and myself singing and playing the piano. We were getting ready to perform on Good Morning America in Washington, DC for the Inauguration of President Obama and had rehearsed the song a few times and were able to get a very special recording that is very personal to me and to the choir.

Their director, Terrance Wright, who can be heard talking to the choir, has since passed away and this moving portrait has been kept locked up in the vaults for a few years. With the cooperation of the Harlem Boys and Girls Alumni Ensemble, James Hellman, who recorded, edited and mixed the song, and The Healing Time Foundation, we are offering this song for $5 minimum Paypal donation.100% of the money will go to the American Red Cross, which is working in Alabama and other affected states, to provide food, medicine, and shelter for those who are deeply affected by yesterday's storms. Please help by downloading the song, "Healing Time," and by donating $5 to help make a difference in the lives of Americans who are surviving this tragedy.

The song can be downloaded at

Thank you,

Josh Charles