09/25/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Energy Idiocy on the Streets of Denver

As has been reported by ThinkProgress and others, ExxonMobil has paid for a significant portion of the convention's media coverage and the energy industry (and most others) are lavishing sponsorships on events, parties, and receptions from dusk 'til dawn. But the entrenched dirty energy interests seem particularly intent on using the convention to push their issues.

Upon arriving at the swirling maelstrom that was Denver International Airport, I was immediately greeted by ads from the American Coalition Clean Coal Electricity (nee Americans for Balanced Energy Choices), the coal industry front group. (Their ads were even more prominent at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport where I had flown in from and where thousands of Republicans will pass through during their own convention next week.)

A stroll down and around the 16th Street Mall, Denver's main drag, revealed even more energy idiocy. For those less ambulatory (or less willing to walk around in wool on a 90-degree day), clean coal even brings the message to you:


And, everyone's favorite slogan from the Newt Gingrich crew: