11/07/2012 07:30 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2013

Looking a Bit Further at IndyCar's Future After Randy Bernards Dismissal

Here we are, a few days after Randy Bernard was kicked from his post and Indycar still has no clear idea on what they are going to do in long-term. Indycar Interim CEO Jeff Belskus has said there is no set timetable to find a replacement and he has expressed interest in staying at this position if no one can be found, but after the way that Bernard was treated, why would anyone want to take the job?

Between the unrest of the owners trying to run the asylum and the board of directors never happy, it is not a palatable position. The inmates running the asylum was the way that CART was run since its inception since 1979, and it has always led to controversies in some way or another. It is not like NASCAR or F1 where you have firm megalomaniacs running the show. They will show you the door and tell you "you need us more that we need you" if you do not like what they are doing. Randy had his ups and downs, but he thought outside the box tried things for the greater good. Someone who had no racing background coming in managed to get the series out of its dark days of losing millions of dollars a year to almost breaking even this year until Qingdao, China bailed on them.

All the upper mismanagement may have rubbed more than the fans the wrong way. Track promoters and more importantly sponsors are not going to want to be a part of a sport that has constant bickering and political rhetoric, regardless of who is in charge. Speed's Robin Miller put it in perspective for me when I spoke to him the other day. "If you are a CEO of a company and you see all this turmoil, how much confidence does that give you that they know what the hell they are doing?" The answer is not much.

The 2013 season is still on, and fans should look forward to the racing, because that is what it is all about. The TV Schedule is a bit more organized as far as the channel scheduling goes. The races shown on ABC are all going to be in a block, which includes the Indianapolis 500 and the Firestone 550k shown in primetime, which is going to be a first for IndyCar. But with enough fans pissed off at Bernard's dismissal, I don't think they will be able to forgive and forget easily.