12/13/2012 03:45 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

The Pope Is On Twitter But He Is Following Fewer Than 10 People

The pope is on Twitter. While I'm not surprised that Vatican City and Pope Benedict XVI have finally embraced the power of the tweet, a great many spiritual panties seem to be in a knot.

First, let me encourage any and all feedback to my post as outside of sex and sex, religion is probably the other most supercharged topic.

For the record I believe in the power of faith and spirituality and I believe wholeheartedly that your relationship with the universe can and should be expressed with neither apology nor a need for explanation.

Yet I can't help but wonder out loud why all the fuss? I'm certainly not the only one who is heard the battle cry of the masses demanding that the Church become more relevant, catch up with the times and find ways to speak to the masses that are not antiquated.

Finally, the Vatican is tweeting; the pope is taking on the challenge of spreading the Gospel in 140 characters or less. Jesus Christ has a Twitter account, Lady Gaga has a Twitter account and despite his very scary brush with death, Justin Bieber has a Twitter account as well.

Therefore, being the logical man that I am it stands to reason that no matter what your religious views one of the greatest celebrities of all times, the pope, clearly should have a Twitter account.

Vatican officials admit the pope won't actually be doing the hunt and peck to type messages and instead someone in the Vatican's secretariat of state will actually compose the tweets on his behalf. But they promise it will be his words and only his words. Now if you can't believe the Vatican, who can you believe?

One final concern: Why is the pope only following seven people?