08/27/2012 07:30 pm ET Updated Oct 26, 2012

Teresa Giudice Begs Bravo to Leave Out a Few "Ingredientses"

The latest buzz in the world of reality television is that Teresa Giudice is not happy about how Bravo portrayed the interaction that occurred between her and husband Joe during a recent EPICSODE of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey.

Questions have been raised as to the state of their marriage of which Teresa has vehemently defended many times stating, "My husband disrespecting me on camera happened a year ago, but I just found out about it, and I'm trying to process it. It seems to always be that I am the last to find out things, huh?"

Huh? Whether or not she is in fact the first or last to know is debatable at best as she herself questions...

"Why did he say it? I have no idea. I do know we were in the wine capital of America drinking heavily... Alcohol + camera = not a good idea. But believe me, if he talked to me like that regularly, we would not be together. I don't know why the camera (and alcohol) brings out the worst in him... it just does. Imagine being filmed all the time during the most stressful parts of your life. Last year was not an easy year for either of us for a lot of reasons: finances, family, people we thought were our friends..."

And here is where it gets a bit confusing. "Imagine being filmed all the time during the most stressful parts of your life." Isn't that the formula for reality show success? To use Mrs. Giudice's own unique spin on the English language, it appears that the "ingredientses" are all there for a trauma/drama and like the recipes she creates in her cookbooks ever since she mysteriously became a culinary powerhouse, Teresa now appears to feel she has been unfairly victimized by the very people that plucked her from New Jersey obscurity and rocketed her to her present B (ish) List fame, that of Bravo.

"Once I watched it, I was sick. I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach," Teresa wrote in her blog after the episode aired. She admits she futilely, "begged" the network to "yank" the episode. Begged? Yanked? Yes futility seems an appropriate explanation.

Much like her marriage, for better or for worse Bravo made Teresa into the questionable Celebutante she has become and has done so by capturing her simply being Teresa. Whether she is flipping tables or simply flipping out, she certainly must see she needs to take things in both sickness and in health.

Of course this is bigger than just the Giudice conundrum, as it is high time reality show participants realize that no one tunes in to see them be anything resembling normal. Instead, I offer a solution. Stop your grumbling, stop your complaining and most of all stop your whining as you have an options. You can quit.

While I wish Teresa no ill will and never like to see any marriage fail, when you mix Teresa Giudice + her ego + her lack of insight + her ego you get what you get.

Final word. Bravo to Bravo for keeping it real. Well as real as any of us can expect from reality television.