09/26/2008 07:32 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

What Would Karl Do...

With this story? According to a Dutch freelancer who has volunteered for both campaigns in this election cycle, the McCain campaign asks its army of editorial letter-ghostwriters to -- surprise! -- lie. And lie big. About who they are, about the facts, about whatever it takes. When the writer, a Dutch visitor, composes a letter that says she's an American mother with a son in Iraq, the McCain operative congratulates her for a job well done! Leave it to NRC Handelsblad, by the way, to uncover such cynical fakery. Now that it's out, where's the MSM follow-up? Why haven't I heard about this? If it were Obama's people doing the same, the Bullet would be all over it. We need a counter-Karl to go straight to for their collective jugular, feeding the media questions like:

"Sen. McCain, are you aware that your campaign encourages foreigners to pretend they are American mothers of veterans? Does that do honor to American servicemen and women?"