10/25/2012 08:54 pm ET Updated Dec 25, 2012

Why October Is The Best Month To Sell Your Wedding Dress

If you are like many brides, you got married between April and September. And now that October is here and wedding season is drawing to a close, you are wrapping up your thank you notes, flipping through your wedding album for the 200th glorious time, and looking at your beloved wedding dress and deciding to sell it.

Did you know October is one of the most popular months for brides to list their wedding gowns for sale? And did you know the #1 reason women sell their wedding dresses is not for the money?

The number one reason brides sell their wedding gowns is so that another bride can enjoy it. Of course, the reclaimed closet space and the money are nice benefits too, but brides tell us that they sell so another bride can share in their dress joy.

Wedding dress sellers want their gown to have another "Big Day" and let another bride fall in love with it too. It's a much better option than just keeping it in a closet (because let's face it, as gorgeous as that dress is, there are zero places to wear it again...and have you seen the size of a dress storage box??!!)

When I sold my own wedding dress, I was thrilled to know another bride would love the dress like I did. And, when the buyer emailed to tell me she loved! loved! loved! the dress, and cried when she put it on for the first time, I knew I had made the right decision.

Timing is another reason October is a great month to list your dress. The holidays are right around the corner. With many women getting engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year's...that's a whole crew of newly-minted fiancées eager to start the dress shopping process. (Remember back to your dress-obsessed early engagement days?)

Getting your wedding dress listed now means that you gown will be available for more eager new brides to be to see and swoon over it.

If you decide to sell your wedding gown, here are our tips for selling quickly, at a great price.

1) List as soon as you can. The "younger" a wedding dress, the more value it has. Gowns that are less than three years old have the highest resale value.
2) Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. Good images tell story of your dress better than words ever could. Include photos of your gown from the front and back, and of any details. (Oh and look, the perfect excuse to show off your wedding pictures again!)
3) Include a detailed description. The more you tell, the better. Describe the fit, the fabric, and the details. Include information about any alterations, especially details like a gorgeous bustle or removeable straps.
4) Ask a reasonable price. If your gown is less than three years old, you can expect at least 50 percent of the retail price. If you wore one of the year's hottest styles, you may even get a bit more. But do offer a reasonable reduction so that you and the new owner can both share in the cost savings.

And when you do sell your gown, know that you've made another bride's dream come true. Like Pam who said, "My seller was fantastic. The whole process could not have been better. I love the dress and I cannot wait to be married in it!"

Because after all, your dress is amazing. And it should be re-loved.