06/27/2014 01:30 pm ET Updated Aug 27, 2014

Mastering the Art of Receiving

Betsie Van Der Meer via Getty Images

As women, we are natural givers. We give life, our times, our love, our energy, our creativity, ourselves. We naturally put the needs of others before ourselves. It's a quality that comes natural to most women. What's truly hard for us is receiving.

You may believe that you must earn things, beyond a reasonable doubt and after much giving because deep down you don't believe that you deserve to receive. Yet the energy that compels you to be a giver, just like a Ying to its Yang, needs to fulfill its destiny of receiving.

We often feel like it should be socially unacceptable to receive in an easy way. Yet at no other time in history has so much been expected of women; the burden of the household and the raising of children still falls heavily on women. We are also expected to be educated, perform highly in the business world, be attractive, well-dressed, well-mannered, sophisticated and feminine and oh, be the hottest lover our partners have always desired.

We give, give, give, give and that leaves us depleted. We need to start receiving! We deserve to find that balance by rearranging our giving and receiving ratio. How do we accomplish this?

Find Support
When a woman feels unsupported, she starts to worry and feels the need to do more, to try to solve even more problems, even if she has no more room in her busy life. Finding and asking for support from your friends, your spouse, even your children and parents is critical to lead a balanced life.

Accept a Tiny Dose of Receiving at a Time
If you are not used to receiving, it will be hard to start doing it. It's like quitting cold turkey. Instead allow a little dose at a time. If someone offers to open the door, take it, if you get a "thank you," acknowledge it or if they ask to take a bit of your burden away in some tiny way, allow it without questioning.

Practice With Affirmations
Use affirmations in your daily contemplative practice or create a few empowering phrases that will help you learn the art of receiving. Some of my favorite ones are: "I allow myself to receive," "I connect with my feminine nature," or "I allow myself to say yes!"

Remember the Law of Cause and Effect
Too many women resist receiving. We resist participating in the giving-receiving cycle. But like the law of cause and effect, if we give, we must receive. If you don't allow others to give back, you are effectively shutting down the energy of receiving and denying others the opportunity of giving.

Ask and You Shall Receive
You are ready to receive, but do you know what you want to receive? You need to know what you want, acknowledge your desires and then openly ask without worry. You have earned the gifts that you request of the universe.

Connect With Desire
If you shut down the energy of receiving, you are shutting down the energy of femininity and with it, the energy of success. Connect with your desires in order to create success in all areas of life. A great exercise if to create a "Desire List" including areas like money, career, relationship, health, sensuality and personal development. Then write a specific desired goal for each of those areas.