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Find Your Life Purpose and Get a Sexy Booty?

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5 JOY-Inspired How Tos!

Have you ever felt like a beautiful carousel, going round and round day after day, with the same painted thoughts: "Why I am here and what should I be doing?" Pontificating, ruminating and doing all sorts of other 15-cent words in the pursuit of unearthing the definitive answer to the question: How do I find my life's purpose?

I've climbed mountains, crossed oceans and sat twisted like a pretzel at the feet of revered sages. I've read, listened, attended and puzzled over if I was on the wrong path or if I'd ever find it at all! Until one day, I realized I've known forever, thanks to the guru in Apt. 20B.

Goldie, the utterly charming upstairs neighbor in Society Hill, became my "life coach" when I was just a bride. In her advanced age she was still one-hell-of-a broad, and that's putting it mildly. As an educated woman with great style and grace, her popular soirees created lasting friendships with notable new thinkers who encouraged her liberal ways.

I treasured our times together, when she would enthrall me with tales of her life laced with pearls of wisdom. The most memorable being on how to find your life's purpose while staying shapely (i.e. a sexy booty), which she believed were solved the same way!

"You have a special gift," she always said, "and it was never meant to be such a mystery. It's nestled in your heart waiting to be claimed. Whether faced with insurmountable obstacles or overwhelming success, your calling is the same. If you stay the course, your purpose and unique gift will naturally reveal itself." Can't wait another minute? Then try my "Joy-Inspired How Tos" now! "

1. Be Happy and make sure you Love Enough...

I truly believe that God just wants his children to love and be happy. Everything of importance includes these emotions, so what else could our purpose be but to share them? If this answer seems too simple because your life feels too challenging or difficult, think of all the blessings you have ever received and what you felt when they came. Besides gratitude, I bet love and happiness were part of the mix.

To find true happiness and contentment you might have to reframe a thought or faking it till you make it -- whatever -- just do it! A "do whatever" attitude can change so much, including having a sexy booty! When you love the process as much as the results, life is so good. Want to know if you're living your Life's Purpose?

Joy Inspired Tip #1: Ask yourself, "Am I having fun yet?"

2. Find the One Thing Just You were created to do...

No matter how important or financially successful your talents have made you, even the best are only the vehicle. You've been given a special calling unique to you. Your job is to discover it, honor it and then find your way to express what just you were created to do.

Joy Inspired Tip #2: Stop, Look and Listen.

At different times on different days, stop and notice what you are feeling. Are you frustrated, angry, impatient, or excited and enthusiastic? Look at what you are doing. What part of it made you feel happy? Listen carefully to the whispered answers of your heart as they speak your truth. Sure, lots of squats, leg lift and cardio can create a sexy booty, but it's your commitment to being and having what you want, the cause and effect, that motivates and inspires others.

3. Dare to dream...

To be someone who is determined to follow their calling, you need to be a fearless spirit who dares to dream. With a strength of belief that gives you courage to knock on yet another door, to trust, to have certainty in the middle of uncertainty -- especially when you have no proof -- makes magic and miracles inevitable.

Joy Inspired Tip #3: Dare to reach for your heart-held dream just out of sight.

When you dare to reach for a distant dream, your faith puts you in the energetic flow of perfect order and unlimited resources. Happily, you do what's necessary to take better care of yourself, which in turn will make you a kinder, more loving, giving and caring human being. If you have a desire, the will power and passion to live a life of purpose, the rest will fall into place.

4. Take Action...

On the road to discovering your special gift, there are so many different sign posts each suggesting the right direction. Sometimes your decisions are right on and everything is honky-dory, and sometimes they're not. But sometimes that wasted effort, poor choice or seemly huge mistake, turns out to be exactly what you needed to do.

Joy Inspired Tip #4: No matter what, keep moving in the direction of your dreams

God has a plan and you have a destiny, unfortunately, you aren't privy to either. So the best you can do is take action, one foot in front of the other, keeping your intentions focused on your dream. Sometimes, that means sitting down and doing the work, and sometimes it's simply stepping aside. You might not see it, but the universe is always working on your behalf. Dare to dream, love enough and be happy.

5. Become what you admire the most...

As Like attracts Like, so does a strongly held intention. If your intention is to realize your unique gift and to use it for a greater purpose, find someone you greatly admire who is using their power for good and pattern yourself after them.

Joy Inspired Tip #5: Seek and you shall find...

Even when you get it -- Be Happy, Love Enough, Uncover Your Gift, Use Your Talents or Success to Enhance Others -- still the way isn't always clear. But if you seek out examples of those who have lived extraordinary lives, you shall find many role-models to emulate, including those who have a sexy booty at any age! Use your special gift to become what you admire the most, and you will have found your life purpose. En-JOY!

Excerpted from LIFE~LUST & LOVE: A Seasoned Woman's Secrets for Having It All or Everything! (Debuting in the Fall-2014)