01/15/2015 06:19 pm ET Updated Mar 16, 2015

Message From the Universe for Overcoming Scarcity, Fear and Stress

"Are You In or Are You Out?"

Somewhere along this journey called My Life I must have picked up the notion that affirmations -- statements that you declare to be true -- actually work. Because clearly unbeknownst to my conscious awareness, I have been using them for a really long time. I have a particular one that I repeatedly use when good and especially when bad things happen to me, that are definitely not expected, invited or welcomed, and for sure, not part of what I believe to be "my perfect plan."

Someone or something that has me saying, "Joy, at the moment, you may not see the gift in this person or situation, But you know that...Everything has a Reason for Being... Everything Always Works Out in Your Favor... Because You Are Blessed."

I can't even imagine how many times I have repeated these words in all sorts of circumstances; uncountable. But what I can tell you is that I believe these words to be true and that belief brings me peace. It's like seeing the rainbow hidden behind the dark clouds while you're still in the storm. Sooner or later, you just know that everything will work out fine, so why not just relax and trust and enjoy the
light show?

But an affirmation in any form only works if you believe it. So when I decided to go listen to my friend singing at a new club I'd never been to before, I did get the directions, but honestly I half listened. I "was sure" I knew exactly where it was. Wrong. I got so lost it was ridiculous.

I wanted to go early, since Sam often brought me into his act, so to speak, by playing off of me while singing his great repertoire of 50s and 60s music, which we both enjoy so much. So as each wrong turn turned into another wrong turn in a neighborhood I had never been to before, my happy "JOYous" mood started to get gray, definitely heading towards black. It was getting later by the minute and getting lost in this dark foreign area was definitely bringing out the worst in me.

My negative attitude did not go unnoticed. The idea that I was letting myself go to this negative place and feeling incapable of re-framing my thoughts to a positive outcome was equally upsetting -- so much for "walking my talk."

Then out of nowhere. I heard "that voice" say, "Are You In or Are You Out?"

What? What the heck does that mean, "Are You In or Are You Out?"

"You heard me right Joy, Are You In or Are You Out?"

"Do you believe in the affirmation you have repeated hundreds of times: "Everything has a Reason for Being... Everything always works out in Your Favor... and that You are Blessed?"

Because If You Do, then your being lost has "A Reason for Being... Everything will work out in Your Favor... because You are Blessed!"

Well I'll be darn. How was that for being called out on my stuff! Either I faced the reality that I have been a major BS'er for most of my life OR I had to live by these words that I have been saying for so many years! I believe that everything I do is co-created and that I am guided and always assisted by the Source that creates it all. So the question really is as simple as, "Are You In or Are You Out?" You either believe your words to be the absolute truth or you don't;
It's your choice.

"Are You In or Are You Out?<" is a wonderful question to ask yourself when you see that you actions are going against what you have been saying is your truth! This was such a huge epiphany I barely could stop talking about it once I got to the club -- which I finally found by googling my friend's name and the club's address came right up!

To wrap this story up in a pretty "reason for being" ribbon, I arrived at the
club just as my friend was starting to sing one of those songs we always enjoyed playing off, Hit the Road Jack. So I just sauntered up to him on the dance floor and started lip-singing the female part, much to his delight as well as the entire audience! It was truly a JOY-filled moment had by all.

If I had arrived a mere five minutes earlier and had been seated, it wouldn't have had the same effect as "this woman seemingly coming out of nowhere" or been half as much fun! So now whenever anything happens in my life, I cement my forever affirmation with the perfect question.

"Are you In or Are You Out?" Once you believe that you know, then eventually you do know.

This is Number One of my Three Fav-"Go-To's" when I need to get centered and stay on course. Next time I will share Number two. Until then... stay happy, healthy and En-JOY!

** Excerpted from Life, Lust and Love: The Secret Memoirs of an Ordinary Woman Living an Extraordinary Life by Joy Weston -

Internationally published Best Selling Author Speaker~ Communications Consultant Expert~ Mentor~Coach