11/12/2013 10:53 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

South Beach Bringing Together For-Profit Resources and Social Enterprise Vision

Business and technology move fast, no surprise there. Accelerators, hack-a-thons, incubators, lean enterprise, MVPs, blah blah blah are nothing new. With cities like Hong Kong, Telaviv and Washington D.C. making moves to catch up with Silicon Valley and New York, innovation is brewing in all parts of the world.

So where will it happen and what will it be? What does the next step of tech+business look like and where will see a glimpse of it?

South Beach is raising up it's hand and showing one possible example. Miami-based Momentum International, The LAB Miami, and GivingBackPacks are three organizations that combined, are mixing it up in interesting ways by bringing together:

  • Resources, mentorship, capital that comes along with an accelerator
  • Vision for true impact behind social enterprise

The results so far have been impressive.

Momentum, a platform to promote and present projects and skilled entrepreneurs focused on social responsibility and the development of the social enterprise, helped launch GivingBackPacks. Following the "one for one" model, GivingBackPacks gives one school backpack filled with school supplies to a child in a poverty stricken area every time the organization sells a backpack at regular price ($39.99).

By working out of The LAB Miami, a premier accelerator in South Florida, Momentum has empowered GivingBackPacks and nine other socially-conscious projects to launch successfully.

This model is also something we should aspire to see more of. If we successfully mix resources, disciplines and visions that have traditionally been off by industries -- in this case the tangible and intangible resources of an accelerator and the overall benefits of social enterprise -- then we'll empower a whole generation of entrepreneurs and driven professionals who want to make this a better world.

Why keep resources of the for-profit world separate from the warm n' fuzzies that come along with social enterprise and non-profit work?

Let's not. Instead, let's combine the strengths of different communities to reduce their respective weaknesses. Momentum, still in its early stages, is a great example of this. It is attacking some of society's pressing issues by helping passionate individuals accomplish their dreams. Props for great work.

Incubator and accelerator-like resources, nonprofit, and social enterprise projects coming together under one end-goal. We need more of this, let's make it happen, people.