12/09/2013 10:05 am ET Updated Feb 08, 2014

Top 5 Fashion Gifts for Men

When it comes time for gift giving, why buy something that a man will get on his own? A gift should be a cut above what he would ordinarily buy for himself. This season, there are many fun, distinctive fashion trends that make for perfect holiday gifts. From colorful socks to the ever-classic cashmere sweater, take a look at these top 5 fashion gifts for men this 2013 holiday season:

1. Socks - This season it's all about colorful socks! You can find practically any design including a pair that may be personal or meaningful to a man (think socks that pay homage to his alma mater or favorite sports team). Fun printed or colored socks are a trendy way to add color and personality to a look. Get your man a pair that he would be proud to have peeking out from above his shoes. One place I recommend browsing is Happy Socks for some great reasonably priced items.

2. Cufflinks - I've been seeing a lot of red and bright color combo cufflinks this year. Cufflinks are a classy and subtle way to add color to a man's wardrobe -- plus they're definitely not on his daily fashion shopping list. Hence, it's the perfect holiday gift item! I recommend these fashionable Paul Smith pieces here.

3. Custom Suit - When you hear custom, you might just dismiss it out of hand since custom usually means way out of your price range. But in fact, now custom suits have become affordable! The man in your life would be shocked to know that your gift did not cost more than he normally spends at his favorite high end men's clothing store. Surprise him with an appointment with a custom clothier like us where he will get fit by an expert and then experience the luxury of choosing his own fabric and detail. Being part of his own gift selection will be an exciting, unique experience.

4. Cashmere Sweater - A seasonal winter sweater that he will only wear during the holidays? No, thank you. Get him a sweater that can outlive the holiday season, like these classic items by Vince.

5. Pocket Square - Pocket squares have made their return and are trending this Winter 2013! Make a gentleman of him when you get him a gift of pocket squares. They are the perfect way to accessorize and add that extra bit of style on top of his already good-looking suit. Some great options are these PSC holiday gift sets.