07/08/2013 11:52 am ET Updated Sep 07, 2013

Mr. Politician: Don't Tear Down This Wall!

Apparently friendship and cooperation with someone in the opposing political party is a disqualifier for elective office. Nothing epitomizes the divisiveness or the stagnation of the political process more than the suggestion that the future of Chris Christie and Cory Booker might be jeopardized by their friendship. (New York Times 7/5/13) In case you haven't visited earth for a while, Corey Booker, a Democrat, is the Mayor of Newark, N.J. and is running for the U.S. Senate, and Chris Christie, a Republican, is the Governor of New Jersey and is mentioned as a likely candidate for the presidency. The Times reports that their longtime friendship may be used against them. They have done some pretty awful things together that clearly should rile up the voters against them.

For instance, they worked together to revive "the sagging fortunes of Newark, the state's biggest city". They collaborated on a number of development projects that lured corporate giants into the City and "transformed fallow, state-owned lots into produce farms and markets for residents". Their most dangerous collaboration occurred in respect to education reform for troubled Newark schools in an effort to overhaul the system. But perhaps their most sinister secret and the ultimate disqualifier is the disclosure of their mutual love of Bruce Springsteen.

They have spent social time together! Their bond reads like the Communist Manifesto. According to Governor Christie: "We tried as best we could, despite obvious political and philosophical differences, to be able to forge a productive relationship". We cannot have anything like that going on in this country. The mere thought of political rivals trying to work together should send shivers down our spine. Things would actually be accomplished. Think what that could lead to if more politicians started to do the same. We might actually get bridges and roads fixed, schools improved, an immigration bill, tax reform and nominations confirmed. Have we already forgotten the hurricane aid New Jersey received from the federal government when Chris Christie, the Republican traitor, was friendly to the President of the United States---a Democrat!

Come on people; standup and be counted. The last thing we want is to have politicians who like each other, get along and cooperate. We must maintain this wall built on fear, prejudice, filibusters and obstructionism. Otherwise we might miss the anniversary of the hundredth vote to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act. We cannot let this happen. Intermingling of the parties will be our downfall. Don't tear down this wall!