12/21/2012 12:50 pm ET Updated Feb 20, 2013

What's More Dangerous: Gay Marriage or Guns?

Bill Maher insists that Republicans live in a bubble -- that they divorce themselves from reality. I find it impossible to account for their incredible ironies. Think about the harm that befalls families on a street when an unmarried gay couple moves in. And think of the transformation that happens to those same families if the gay couple actually gets married! Bad enough that they live on the same street, but married -- what greater harm can there be?! On the other hand, guns are good. How many people are harmed by gay marriage? None. How many people are killed by guns every year? About 30,000. So what legislation do we need? Prohibit gay marriage and oppose gun regulation. I feel safer already just thinking about it.

I am so sick and tired of the slogans the gun lobby, gun advocates and the NRA trot out every time there is a mass shooting. "Guns don't kill people; people kill people." But call me crazy, this young man could not have killed all of these children if his mother hadn't possessed weapons and taught him how to use them. "Thousands of people are killed in automobile accidents and we don't ban automobiles!" Give me a break. First, no one is suggesting banning weapons -- just regulating them as we do cars and drivers. Drivers must take in-car driving, writing and eye tests. Drivers must have insurance. There are a trillion regulations about where and how and what you can drive. And we need cars; we don't need guns.

Although self-defense has been the current justification, it used to be hunting and target practice that was so important that we needed automatic rifles and armor-piercing bullets. But you know what -- I love golf, but if errant golf balls were killing 30,000 people a year and wounding hundreds of thousands, I might be inclined to give it up or at least support some regulations that might stop the slaughter. Yes, I know driving a car and playing golf are not protected by the Constitution, but neither is common sense.

But I must confess, I agree with the opposition to regulation in this respect: it will not make a difference, because they have won. Yes, by fighting every attempt to regulate firearms, we now have 300 million in the country. Anyone -- law-abiding, criminal, mentally ill, terrorist can now obtain and use any type of weapon. Bans and regulations now will be too little and too late. So when the NRA makes its formal statement tomorrow blaming everyone but them, they need to look at themselves. Opposing every regulation, encouraging open and concealed weapons, fighting to allow them in bars, schools, parks and in essence, everywhere; they are the enablers. "Regulations harm only the law-abiding citizen." Nonsense. Every gun out there, even those used by criminals, probably started with a legal sale.

No law could have prevented what happened in Connecticut. The only thing that could have prevented it would have been no access to guns. The Supreme Court has decreed your right to own a gun. Now you must decide whether strapping it on and strutting around with it on your hip is more important than the lives of those little children.

So let us prohibit marriage among gays and preserve our marriage with guns lest we endanger our children.