10/31/2012 09:51 am ET Updated Dec 31, 2012

Street Style Stars And More: Africa Fashion Week 2012

While the designer collections coming down the catwalks at Africa Fashion Week have been impressive, it's the style moments outside the tents that have really caught my eye.

It's always interesting to see how people interpret the trends and incorporate them into their personal style. There is no better way to observe the connection between the runway and the "realway" than by keeping a keen eye to the streets. In fact, street style spotting has almost becoming a sport with websites like All The Pretty Birds, Jak And Jil and Swagger New York topping my daily hit list.

Scott Schuman, arguably the most famous street style photog, of was on hand in Johannesburg in past week capturing the Africa Fashion Week show-goers and local stylistas going about their day.

Schuman's fashion-focused eye, like mine, could not turn away from the vivid colors, bold fabrics and sheer confidence that fill Joburg's glitzy Sandton district to the colorful streets of Soweto. Although it's a stark contrast from New York City's penchant for all things black -- South Africa's style is nonetheless chic.

I've found that the people here really dress with a sense of celebration. At times the elaborate prints and embellishments can feel a bit over-the-top and excessive but there is a sophistication and also a touch of levity in their fashion sense that I definitely plan on adopting. Plus, I've embraced the flare and function of the headwrap, which ultimately means bad hair days are history.

The people are beautiful, the country is stunning and the inspiration is endless. So it's with eyes wide open that I've taken in this experience and yearn to see more of the world -- and study its style. Let's just say, my next trip overseas won't be too far off.

Check out some of my personal photos while in South Africa for Fashion Week in the slideshow below. Are there any images that inspire you?

Africa Fashion Week Street Style & Instagram Pics