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These Stylish Instagram Moms Actually Make Me Feel Better About Life

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I became a mother nine glorious months ago. I don't say that sarcastically. I'm literally having the time of my life, aside from the lack of sleep and the screeching halt of my social life, amongst other things. At the end of the day, there are just certain sacrifices you make in exchange for bringing one of the most awesome human beings you will ever meet into the world.

The one thing I didn't anticipate was my personal style taking a tailspin and crashing into Frumpyville.

Let's face it, it's no small feat trying to keep a kid alive (and well), while also attempting to look good. Plus, I've been so focused on making sure my little man is looking fly that I don't have the energy to do the same for myself. I can occasionally pull myself together when I know I have an important meeting or event. But for the most part I'm lucky if I can find a clean shirt to throw on. I've even become a pro at jazzing up a pair of sweatpants (good thing they are totally on trend).

However, there's always hope. When I'm feeling particularly down and out about my style, I do a few things. First, I remind myself that I'm totally magical and just birthed an entire person. This is usually followed up by looking at one of the 5,000 pictures of my son saved in my phone. Next, I take a moment to twerk -- either literally or in my head. A quick dance session can always brighten my mood. Last but not least, I scroll through my Instagram feed, which is filled with fashionable moms who remind me that I'm not alone in this frustrating, yet beautiful, struggle.

There is so much power in seeing images of women that are juggling kids, jobs and relationships (whether they be in a marriage/partnership or not) -- and doing it in style. These ladies, who are a combination of my friends and friends-of-friends, inspire me with their super-successful careers and incredible sartorial skills. And that doesn't mean they are dripping in Chanel and running around in stiletto heels with a child on their hip (although sometimes they do). It's about staying true to yourself and not losing your personal style in the madness of motherhood.

In celebration of that sentiment, here are just a few of the moms who continue to show me that motherhood is chic-er than ever.

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