02/28/2016 07:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

There Is No There


Have you looked around today?

I don't mean in a hurried way or
in a trying way. I mean really

Inhaled. Leaned in. Got close enough to smell
to taste -- to see. To listen. Maybe even
to touch.

You run so fast. So worried, so harried --
never enough
gotta get there gotta get there gotta get there

Do you see
the tiny crocus all bathed in white, the daffodil
just about to bloom? Sky
resting silently above your troubled head?

Could you just stop
and breathe? Let the sun shine
in. Could you consider that there is no there? There is no

Only here. Only here. Only here.

Could you bow to the nearest tree? She has infinite
secrets to share. Need you look further than her holy
branches, her humble roots?

Everything is calling to you. To you. Yes -- you.

Everything is oozing God (which is really just a word for everything)
and is far too small a word to hold everything, which excludes
nothing. No one.

Are you listening?
It all speaks. It all speaks right now -- whispers answers
to your every question.

I'll ask you again -- are you listening?

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