03/20/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Sleep's Just Not That Into You

Where sleep is concerned, I've tried everything. And I do mean everything. After years of practice, I've got great sleep hygiene. You know the drill: a darkened bedroom, no caffeine after 2:00 p.m., a consistent bedtime, etc., etc., etc. I've even tried all the crazy stuff, like feet facing only SXSW, and head elevated on a pillow filled with husks of grain grown on verdant hillsides by gentle people singing lullabies.

Yet sleep -- good, deep, long sleep -- eludes me. So, in 2010, I've decided to do things differently. I'm going to play hard to get.

Sleep's just not that into me? I don't think so. I finally figured out that sleep needs me just as much as I need it: Without me sleep doesn't exist.

So, I'm going to ignore it. When sleep comes calling, I'm going to reply, "Sorry, I'm busy tonight." When it tries to book me on Friday for a long, relaxing Saturday night snooze, I'll say haughtily, "Gosh, thanks so much, but I already have plans."

Two can play this game, I told my reflection in the mirror this morning. Let's just see how long sleep can hold out.

What's your tough love formula for sleep success? Share it with us by commenting below, or by emailing me directly at Julia (that familiar symbol) wearethenewradicals (punctuation) (familiar suffix).

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