04/02/2013 08:55 am ET Updated Jun 02, 2013

'Lucky Guy' Cast Quiz: How Many 'That Guy' Actors Can You ID?

Nora Ephron's last play, "Lucky Guy," would probably have been a hit even without Tom Hanks in the lead. Nevertheless, the thrill of sharing oxygen with a major Hollywood movie star, of watching someone so used to flattering camera angles and multiple takes subject himself to the nightly high-wire act of live theater, is a huge part of the draw. Especially a movie star with Mr. Hanks's undeniable chops.

But if, one night, theater-goers were to find that dreaded slip in their Playbills informing them that the role of tabloid supernova Mike McAlary would be played by an understudy, there's enough cumulative wattage in the supporting cast to keep audiences aglow. Or, if not exactly aglow, at least whispering "Hey, it's that guy! Who is that guy?" Indeed, almost every ink-stained wretch in "Lucky Guy" is played by a hardworking character actor who will provide a faint frisson of recognition, though if you know their names, you are entirely too obsessed with The Wire, Girls, and ER.

When clicking through the slideshow, try to remember where you know each actor from before cheating and looking at the caption. It'll be more fun.